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I have started working on some miniatures, witch can be used for stop motion films, live roleplay and more. These creations is made as an exercise so I can work in different scales. Some are in scale 1:12, witch fits a classic dollhouse, and the others are in scale 1:60.

Stephaneis miniature spejl 2.jpg
Stephanies miniature spejl 1.jpg
Stephanies miniature plante 2.jpg
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I attendet a themed Christmas market in December 2018. The market was arranged by the roll playing group Blåkullalajv that are based in Malmö, Sweden. 

At first I thought the market would focus on the market it self, but it was much more than that. It was more like a theatre play in witch the guests would interact with the players. There was dementors that the children would run and hunt with their wands screaming "expecto patronum". There was a choir singing classic Christmas carols, dress in capes an pointy hats. It was brilliant. Unfortunately the weather was very bad, and there was not that much room for the visitors to walk around between the shops. 

I sold handmade craft in various materials. The mushrooms was some of my favorit objects. 

My shop
Market from above
Nordic troll
Swish and flick
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