About Stephanie Patricia E Madsen

I am a visual artist. I have experience within makeup and styling department, prop making, scenography and general handcraft. I have worked on photoshoots, weddings, tv-series, film and theatre productions. I produce props, makeup, puppets and scenography for variant media.

The two years I spend studying in Northern Sweden was filled with eye-opening experiences. I found myself studying and working from dusk till dawn on projects I had already handed in, because I simply couldn’t get enough. My creations couldn’t get perfected enough. It made me thrilled and happy that ​I was free to spend all the time in the world on details for my own satisfaction.

Now that I have returned to a world with timelines, I know that I will never have “enough” time ever again. But the phrase “Hellre klart än underbart” which means “Better to be ready then perfect” will never become my style.

I have been studying and working in Denmark and Sweden, but I wish to get more experience about how people work outside Scandinavia. There is more or less no place on earth I wouldn't go if there was a possibility to learn